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Can you donate NEW ITEMS  to people in need?


Many agencies are seeking donations of NEW ITEMS that people in our community need.


Can you pick up a few extra items next time you shop for groceries?


If you would like to donate any of the listed items, please see a list of agencies below the types of item. Click on an agency to learn what is needed and where and how to deliver your donation.

Who Needs These Items & Where Can You Take Them?

What NEW Items Are Needed Now?

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NEWC donation_edited.png

Emergency foods

PLEASE check expiry dates!!!   -  NO overdue items can be accepted

    • Canned meat 

    • Snack items: granola bars, apple sauce cups 

    • Noodle cups

    • Crackers

    • Granola bars 

    • Cereal, oatmeal

    • Peanut butter & jam & honey

    • Kraft dinner

    • Pasta noodles & sauce

    • Rice

    • Soups 

    • Canned meat & fish

    • Canned Vegetables

    • Canned Fruit

    • Canned or dried beans

    • Flour, sugar

    • Instant & regular coffee & tea

    • Boost high protein drinks

    • Water

    •*Gift cards for perishable items


Personal Hygiene 

    • Face /hand wipes

    • Body wash

    • Body Soap (bar or liquid)

    • Shampoo/ conditioner

    • Shaving cream

    • Feminine products

    • Comb/ brush

    • Toothbrush/ toothpaste

    • Lotion/ cream

    • Deodorant 

    • Lip balm

    • Q-tips & makeup remover pads 

    • First Aid kits 

    • Gender-affirming gear (binders, forms) 


Baby Needs 

    • Baby formula, Enfamil A+ is popular

    • Baby food

    • Diapers 3+ Especially (4-5-6), and wipes

Household Supplies

    • Small Sanitizers

    • Disposable wet wipes

    • Cleaning products

    • Paper towel

    • Toilet paper

    • Non latex powder free gloves, small and medium

    • Hand sanitizer

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