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Do you have items to donate to people in need?


Many agencies are seeking donations of items that people in our community need.


Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.


If you would like to donate any of the listed items, please see a list of agencies below the types of item. Click on an agency to learn what is needed and where and how to deliver your donation.

When is the Next Linking Hope Drive from River Heights?
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       For the Next Drop off Drive in River Heights

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Emergency foods-

PLEASE check expiry dates!!!   -  NO overdue items can be accepted

    • Canned meat 

    • Snack items: granola bars, apple sauce cups 

    • Noodle cups

    • Crackers

    • Granola bars 

    • Cereal, oatmeal

    • Peanut butter & jam & honey

    • Kraft dinner

    • Pasta noodles & sauce

    • Rice

    • Soups 

    • Canned meat & fish

    • Canned Vegetables

    • Canned Fruit

    • Canned or dried beans

    • Flour, sugar

    • Instant & regular coffee & tea

    • Boost high protein drinks

    • Water

    •*Gift cards for perishable items


Personal Hygiene 


    • Face /hand wipes

    • Body wash

    • Body Soap (bar or liquid)

    • Shampoo/ conditioner

    • Shaving cream

    • Feminine products

    • Comb/ brush

    • Toothbrush/ toothpaste

    • Lotion/ cream

    • Deodorant 

    • Lip balm

    • Q-tips & makeup remover pads 

    • First Aid kits 

    • Gender-affirming gear (binders, forms) 


Baby Needs 

    • Baby formula, Enfamil A+ is popular

    • Baby food

    • Diapers 3+ Especially (4-5-6), and wipes



Wash first & only LIGHTLY used- ONLY THESE ITEMS

    • NEW underwear (all folks)

    • New socks (all folks)

    • Rain gear (ponchos, rubber boots, waterproof layers) 

    • Winter Coats, boots & ski pants- All sizes 

    • Warm Winter wear (sweaters, sweatshirts & pants)

    • Mitts/gloves/ toques/ scarves

    • Thermal under-layers (pant/ leggings/ longjohns, shirts)

    • Rubber boots- ALL sizes

    • Sleeping Bags 

    • Blankets


Self-Care/ Kids Items

    • NEW colouring books (kids & Adult)

    • Crayons & markers & pencil crayons

    • Stress balls, 

    • New Journals 

    • Pens

    • Puzzles (with all pieces)

    • Board games (with all pieces)


Household Supplies (NEW ONLY):

    • Small Sanitizers

    • Disposable wet wipes

    • Cleaning products

    • Paper towel

    • Toilet paper

    • Non latex powder free gloves, small and medium

    • Hand sanitizer

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